Chengdu Eastsun International Co.,ltd

Chengdu Eastsun International Co.,ltd
Here at Chengdu Eastsun International, we have been specialized in designing and manufacturing gifts, premiums and promotional products since 1998, including car sunshades, car seat organizers, pop-up frisbees, bags, hats and caps, beach mats and tents. Our output is exclusively for export, delivered primarily to Europe, the US and the Middle East, enjoying a market share of over 80 percent. Develop your marketing strategy with our expertise.
Samples ready in one week
Just tell us your requirements for size, design and logo, and we'll have your samples ready in one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of your request. Our two designers have more than five years of relevant experience and are ready to support your promotional needs.

Backed by over 20 dependable partner factories
We have invested more than $1 million in our factory equipment and can turn out up to 1 million units for you every month. Production lead time is 30 days or less. To accommodate your volume requirements, we also work with over 20 partner factories.

To better serve you, we have set up a subsidiary, Hong Kong Eastsun International, with an office in Shenzhen. Find out more about how we can help support your marketing strategy. Browse through our showroom and send us your inquiries.
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